About Carlson Distributing

For more than 45 years, Carlson Distributing has been a trusted beverage and alcohol distributor across Utah. Based in Salt Lake City, our family-owned company’s main goal is to be a forward-thinking distributor with an emphasis on building strong relationships with our suppliers, retailers, consumers, and employees. We’re here to serve you and are always looking to make the process of finding and purchasing beer simpler!

Our History

Carlson Distributing Company, Inc. is a licensed beverage alcohol distributor that directly services 89% of the Utah landmass representing 98% of the population of Utah. We are committed to being the leader in the beverage alcohol business and providing sales, marketing, and distribution services to the state of Utah.

Carlson Warehouse
Carlson Inc. founded

Carlson Distributing is a family owned business started by its founder Richard Carlson in 1974 and has been serving Utah continuously for nearly 50 years. Carlson Distributing is a family owned business to this day and is owned and operated by a second-generation son and daughter team, Dane and Jackie, along with over 200 valued and dedicated employees.

Growing up, Richard Carlson saw his father Harold own and operate a beer distributorship in Illinois which inspired him to start his own business following in his footsteps. Picking up his life and his family and moving to Salt Lake City to become an Olympia distributor was the just the start to a long road of growth. Starting from the ground up, Richard developed relationships with people across the industry allowing the company to grow into the network of suppliers it has today. Through several strategic business moves and acquisitions, Carlson was able to thrive and grow into the successful company that it is today.

Richard Carlson at warehouse
Richard Carlson skiing

Due to the everchanging landscape of the beer industry, Carlson has maintained a forward-thinking mindset, which has allowed us to identify trends and foster growth within all of our suppliers. By offering a variety of products combined with the population growth in Utah, Carlson has seen a boom within each of its segments throughout its history.

Through the years, the beer business in Utah has evolved with national trends. From the introduction of imports, flavored beers, and so much more, Carlson has been at the heart of innovative products. Carlson strives to provide a diverse set of products, fostering innovation, and support throughout the community.

Carlson Distributing Today

Diversity is an integral part of the Carlson Distributing culture, day to day operations, and our success. It is shown everywhere. In our assortment of products, our employee base, our thought leadership. Diversity is at the forefront of Carlson’s everyday operations.

Four warehouses, hundreds of trucks, and millions of cases later, Carlson is what it is today. A family-values based company, with room for growth, collaboration, and opportunity. Carlson Distributing’s main goal is to be a forward-thinking distributor with an emphasis of building strong relationships with our suppliers, retailers, consumers, and employees. The company plans to continue this successful effort and provide value for the community for years to come!

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Management Team

Dane Carlson

Dane Carlson


Jackie Overturf

Jackie Overturf

Vice President

Keith Jeffrey

Keith Jeffrey


Trevor Harris

Trevor Harris

Vice President of Sales

Bryant Coombs

Bryant Coombs

Corporate Controller


Carlson Distributing is a beverage alcohol distributor who strives to provide great quality products to legal age consumers while promoting the responsible use of our products.

Carlson Distributing supports our suppliers and the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA), of which we are a proud member, in their efforts to ensure that the products we provide are consumed in a legal, moderate, responsible, and safe manner.

We support community and national programs that promote responsibility. In addition, we support legislation that promotes the prevention of underage drinking and impaired driving as well as moderation in consumption of the products we provide to consumers. By staying mindful of our marketing, selling, distribution, and advertising, we hope to foster an environment that encourages responsible use of our products as a part of our commitment to being a responsible corporate member of the community.

Our Brands

Want to know more about the different beers we carry at Carlson Distribution? Check out our brands list and find the beers that your customers want!